Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to Midwest

It has been long since I last updated this blog. The posting on the Indonesian restaurant was the last one. It was hard to write in a tough situation in California where I tried my best to look for a job placement for my CPT for MUM Compro degree.

Now I'm back in MUM campus in Fairfield, Iowa. Let's talk about the hardship of job seeking in California some time later after I actually get a job. I have to set my mind away from the hardship in order to continue focusing on job search.

Now that I'm back in campus, the Computer Science Department has given me some job to do so that I don't accumulate too much debt in my loan. Having to do the job just means that I'll have free food and place to stay, but nothing will be coming into my pocket. After 2 weeks or so doing some support jobs at the Computer Science Technical Support, the department gave me a teaching assistance job. Perhaps they realized that I have 10 years of teaching experience.

I was given TA job for the 2 preparatory classes for MUM's Compro program - FPP (Fundamental Programming Practice) and MPP (Modern Programming Practice). FPP is basically Introduction to Java Programming, and MPP is Java programming with some flavor of enterprise level programming. I couldn't disclose how much the TA pay is, but I can just say that, converting to Malaysian Ringgit, it might be more that what I used to make as a full teaching lecturer in MMU - the MMU lecturing job was 40 hrs a week minimum, while this TA job is 20 hrs a week maximum. The sad thing is that half of the pay has to be used to pay for my room and dining hall meals.

Check out some pictures in the class. The first picture is me in the class with one of the student (Compro grad student), Ramzi, from Jordan [Facebook]. I took one picture with him because he was in the best recommended dressing code for MUM students - long sleeve shirt and tie.


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