Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Quest Continued

It has been tough and miserable, but the quest for Andalusia at West goes on. May be you don’t understand what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter I’m just saying it.

My first attempt for the quest failed terribly due to some unforeseen crash of the world economy. I’m back in Malaysia now, resuming my life as an academic, now in The National Defense University of Malaysia. Hoping my next attempt, by the will of Allah s.a.w. will be fruitful and less unorthodox.

The fight will continue. Either I reach The Andalusia at West or the end of my life.

This blog too has been left un-updated for so long - more than two years. That’s how frustrated I was. But life goes on. This blog accompanies me with the quest. The plan was to write this blog from US, but plan can change, not the destination.

More details and stories in the coming flashbacks. For now, here is the picture of the entrance of my current university.

And the picture of the Sungai Besi Camp gate, where the university is in.


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