Saturday, May 6, 2017

I Really Need to do Something About My Writing

[Awesome Lonesome: A Traveling Journal of A Loner]

I have abandoned this blog for so long. As an academic I should be writing but I’m not doing my job. So I should not blame others if I’m not so successful as an academic.

Recollecting the time when I was so into writing. It was early 2000s. I was writing a lot to counter argue those bughah people. But then I was not so successful either. Perhaps because I let my writing when everywhere scattering. So I could not make it a success.

I need to write – in both human and computer languages – and now I intend to make money from them. Pray I can fulfill this.

The PM Najib already blown his whistle for the government cyber troopers to start offensive fights. Where am I? At least if I cannot make money from my writings, I should write for a fight.