Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Week's Journal (Oct/27 - Nov/2 2008)

There are quite a bit of things happened this week and I think they are worth putting in this blog.

Job Fair at Irvine

On Monday October 27th, I went to job fair in Irvine. I was hoping to find a few employers to get some interview for my CPT placement. It was a little disappointing though because there were not many companies there. wasn't so successful to attract them.

Job Fair at LA & The Indonesian Restaurant

Tuesday October 28th, I went to another job fair in Los Angeles. On the way I had to go to a Staples center to print some résumés. Near that Staples center I found this Indonesian restaurant:

It was my first time eating southeastern dish close enough to Malay dish since February this year. I was so happy that I think I want to help them promoting their restaurant. I feel that they are serious with their business since they have a website. This is their address, phone number, the website and Google Map location:

Indonesian Food Warung Pojok,
13113 Harbor Blvd.,
Garden Grove, CA 92843

And this is another picture of me, Ms. Eriza the manager, and an uncle who I suppose is the owner of the restaurant.

Now about the job fair. The one in LA was better than Irvine. I managed to get some numbers and promises. I even queued up a long line to talk to a representative from UCLA. It turns up there are quite a number of openings match my skill in UCLA. More than in most companies I already applied with failures.

The two job fairs didn't turn up like I expected. But I learned something. Compared to recruiters, direct companies are more open to the kind of work authorization I have. Almost all recruiters turned me down once they heard that I only have F1 visa. But those non-recruiter companies, they just asked "would you be able to prove that you are allowed to work in US if you are hired"?

The First Distance Mid Term

Saturday November 1st, I had my first midterm for my first distance education course, Distributed Computing, in Riverside. It was a long round trip drive of about 100 miles just for the test. The question was on JSP, servlet, remote method call, etc. I answered all questions and hoping to get most of them correct.

While driving back from the test I realized I saw rain for the second time in California. The first one was during the Lakewood open house. That how dry California is. But, there was another significant rain on the election day November 4th.

The Malaysian Restaurant

Sunday November 2nd, I still had the car I rent for the midterm. When I was in the Indonesian restaurant, I learned that there is a Malaysian restaurant, named Yazmin, in Alhambra, Los Angeles CO. I Googled it, found it, then I drove to LA late that day and arrived on time for dinner to go:

I'm helping this restaurant's business too by providing you, my visitor, with their location and contact should you come to LA:

Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant,
27 E. Main St.,
Alhambra, CA 91801

And this is a picture of me and Mr. Lee, the restaurant owner. There is a picture of Pak Lah in the restaurant in his visit to LA.


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