Monday, February 11, 2013

Memory Lane - That Day I Took A Suicidal Walk

Yesterday, 5 years ago, it was my first Sunday in US. The sky was clear but it was really extremely cold. Later in the day I saw in the Weather Channel that the temperature was -16°C. Then someone told me that it usually coldest when the sky is clear because the clear sky is due to the dry cold air from north pole. It won't be so cold when it is snowing because the process of snow crystallization actually releases heat (exothermic).

Something I really remember about this first Sunday was that it was the day that I decided to take a walk to Fairfield's Walmart. It was 4 km walking round trip. I invited the 2 of my most recent friends - Murzal and Julian to join me. They followed.

Fairfield Walmart on Google Maps [Latitude = 41.005075, Longitude = -91.983485]:

You can compare with the location of MUM [Latitude = 41.017802, Longitude = -91.967338]:

It was so cold that we had to stop for shelter a few times including in a coin laundry shop. Luckily we were fetched - go and back - by a gentlemen driving his family to Walmart too. They told us the weather was so cold and it could kill and walking like that was suicidal.

Back at the campus I took this memorable picture in front of McLaughlin building, the building where the Computer Science Department is:


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