Monday, December 12, 2011

The Week's Journal (Dec/12 - Dec/18 2011)

This blog has been ignored again. It looks like I can never find a free time if I would only be updating this blog when I'm free. Well, I cannot let that to happen any longer.

UPNM SLAB Training Module 5 (Dec/12 - Dec/13)

For the comeback, I'm updating this boring life of mine with the SLAB course module I attended this week. This round the course is about managing and analyzing data in qualitative research using NVivo. The course is pretty interesting. If only I have learned this technique before, my masters research may not have been so messy.

The course was conducted by Associate Professor Dr. Roslani Embi from UiTM. The interesting thing about him to me is the fact that he got his PhD from Virginia Tech, USA. He actually encouraged us to pursue our PhD in US. It is a lot easier to get through US system as the students will be given a 2-year course specifically about what they are supposed to do for the research. Unlike British system which just let the students to suddenly fly high on trial and error basis. However, Malaysian PhD candidates rarely choose USA for placement due to some trivial reasons like interview for visa, GRE, TOEFL, etc. It is true that US requirement is more stringent but that is NOT the reason why our PhD candidates did not choose US.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department FYP Presentation (Dec/14)

It was time for UPNM's EE students to get grilled by the lecturers and proved that they are ready for the project work in the next semester.

Official Opening of General Tun Ibrahim Library UPNM (Dec/15)

UPNM's new library has been operating for almost a year but the official opening had just been taken place this Thursday.

Some pictures to show the atmosphere around the ceremony:


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