Sunday, October 8, 2017

Nibiru is coming - Anyone?

[Knowledge Wins It All]

A decent Internet user would realize that the are of information explosion does not bring knowledge let alone wisdom to mankind. What comes to mankind with media social in this era is not all righteous knowledge but many false ones especially those who bring something claiming we have been cheated - this is what we call conspiracy theory.

It started, may be with the theory of fake-up moon landing, then followed by many more - flat earth, anti-vaccine, and in this post I would to highlight this one: Nibiru Hoax.

This is a bunch of people who believe in the end of world - close enough to Islamic belief, but - by a collision with a dark planet they call Nibiru or Planet X. There are sorts of claims they made like, this planet is invisible to NASA's radar, or NASA already knew about this but they keep quiet.

But the top and latest idiocy was their prediction of Nibiru impact on September 23rd 2017. You can't have enough laugh reading what these people say in the Internet.

Attempting to make their claim legit, they even have the concept a solar system to which Nibiru belongs to. The central star in that solar system, of course a dark star too - what do you expect?

🤔 Only the wise ones 🤔
🤔 deserve knowledge 🤔

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