Sunday, July 16, 2017

UMNO Open House July 16th, 2017

[Awesome Lonesome: A Traveling Journal of A Loner]

I was late to the event (as always). At about 2:20pm, just 40 minutes before the supposedly end time of the event, people were still pouring in, but, of course the food were finishing. They were serving food stalls presented by different states.

So what did I eat? At the end of the event mutton were still abundant:

Other than that, I didn’t know what recipe I ate. I just found some plain rice, nasi dagang or nasi lemak from different stalls, fish or meat from others, then mixed them. I was making my own dish out of whatever left – just the others who were late.

But the consolation prize was, I was able to take selfie with cardboards of VVIPs. Unlike my last year visit to Sri Perdana. Hooo hoooo...

👆👆👆👆 1 Malaysia 👆👆👆👆

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