Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why Goods Price Keeps Going Up in Malaysia?

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I'll answer the question in the title at the end of this posting.

Last weekend, Sunday March 1st 2015, I went to IKEA Damansara to buy some furniture for my home. You know what, going into the parking space of IKEA was really hard. It was so much traffic.

And will you look at that, IKEA was really packed like pasar malam (night market in Malaysia). Many people complained that IKEA was costly, but this doesn't reflect in the kind of crowd it draws. Actually IKEA is quite cheap and if you consider the quality it is even cheaper. That explains why people are drawn here.

So why the goods price is always up? Answer: Because we can afford it. Those businessmen already made their calculations and they knew we can afford it. We may be annoyed first for the up pricing, but then we will just buy it. So why are we complaining?

And before going to IKEA I went to e-Curve that was just on the other side of the street. I stumbled upon this Korean professional pianist, Yang I-Deun, who’s performing every weekend at e-Curve. He has been doing this great live performing for so many years in e-Curve. He must has gotten a very good contract with the mall. Watch:

e-Curve has this view that really brought back my memory living in USA. The design is really US style. The look of the walk and the building resembles perhaps one of those places in California seaside like Laguna Beach or Santa Monica, or even one of those average shopping complex in California.


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