Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Back to Ramadhan

My last entry to this blog was about me putting my old PDA to retirement. It seems like I'm putting myself to retirement from writing. I'm doing my best stay writing, ok?

And, by the way Ramadhan is back. The ritual of fasting doesn't seem too tough for me anymore. Perhaps it is because I'm so used to fasting already. It is not so tough on me anymore maybe because my metabolism isn't as high as it was when I was younger. Or maybe it is because I have been teaching myself to keep a steady flow of plain water consumption at night. Dudes, it should try it. Just keep yourself drinking plain water at the night of Ramadhan - rather than eating. You will enjoy fasting in the day.

Ramadhan always brings back memories of the food in my hometown Kota Bharu. Most of the kuih you can find in KB can now be found in KL also. But not all. Those kuih that you cannot find in KL are the ones that I really missed. There are two of them: Jala Mas and Sira Labu. These two are so delicious. Not only me who say this, so I don't understand why they are like unknown and never sold in Kelang Valley area.

Sira Labu actually can be found in Puchong Perdana. But Jala Mas, no where to be found in KL. You can Google for this kuih and you can even find a YouTube entry for the way to make it. This is how Jala Mas looks like:

And this is a YouTube entry demonstrating how it's made: (The video was made by a Chinese, but really, it is a Kelantanese traditional sweets.)

If you are one of those dudes who run the bazar Ramadhan in KL area, please try selling this; and let me know where to find you :-)


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